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Reva Murphy Associates,Inc.​  


  • Low slope roofing
  • Steep slope roofing
  • Historical restoration
  • Heating and Cooling
  • Fire life safety
  • Building automation


We value our clients. We strive to be the most desired general contractor our clients want to work with.

Our clients request to work with us because we deliver exceptional products, which are built by people who care about every detail of each project.  

We use a 3 phase certified quality control process known as CQC. This provides the measurable data that details scope, performance and qualification of those performing the materials and work. This CQC approach eliminates costly re-work and trade failures.


General Contractor B C39 license #777079

We are a California based general contractor.

We offer a wide range of commercial building, roofing, historical restoration and technical solutions for design-build roofing series, well as fire life safety. We specialize in scope and design assist.

Operational excellence starts with the owner of the company, Reva L. Murphy. has an open door policy. Every person, company, vendors, and sub-contractors have direct contact with the owner of the company, which prevents costly problems and delays.

Each project is consistently managed the same way. regardless of scope and location. Reva Murphy Associates use a process which allows for collaborative project management and construction success. No one person is greater than the sum of all parts. This is valuable to our clients because accountabiliyty is job# 1.